Single Wire Wrist Band & 6' Coil Cord Set - WB1637

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Wrist Strap Set, 6' or 12' cord - 4, 7 or 10mm Blue Fabric Band

  • ESD Protection: The WB1637 wrist strap is a durable and long-lasting method of grounding personnel
  • Comfortable: Made with a soft woven fabric that is comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Hypoallergenic: The fabric band uses hypoallergenic silver-plated nylon thread (for conductivity) which will not irritate your skin
  • Durable: The coil cord is durable and has excellent coil memory.  The fabric band can last for years.
  • Cost-Effective: The  one-size-fits all wrist strap is versatile and is priced very competitively for the quality
  • Size: Comes with a 4mm snap

The WB1637 is a hypoallergenic ESD fabric wrist band set with a 6ft coil cord with 1 meg resistor. The soft, blue woven fabric and 360°curved buckle of the wrist band allows the skin to breathe and makes it very comfortable to wear. The band uses hypoallergenic silver-plated nylon thread for conductivity and has a maximum resistance of 160 ohms. The standard band is standard with a 4mm snap. The coil cord's 2.5mm polyurethane coil insulation offers excellent coil memory and a swivel type banana jack increases coil life and prevents cord tangles.