About Statictek


StaticTek provides static control equipment, supplies and services. This includes custom passive grounding, in-tool ionization for critical environments and room ionization to meet the specifications for your ESD class. Gaining control over the static charges in your controlled area will improve product yield from direct ESD damage to devices, associated problems from RFI and EMI signals and indirect problems caused by electro-static attraction of particles to clean surfaces.

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In addition to ionization service and installation, StaticTek is pleased to offer expert ESD resources from our partner engineers for specialized training as well as full ESD/EMI/RFI audits of your facility, process and packaging. Based on your feedback or a site audit, one of our associated ESDC Engineers will review your issues and prepare a full quote to define and resolve your issues with a report highlighting process and handling improvements to improve your product yield. These services may include material characterization to verify supplier specifications. Many products on the market, including some imports, look safe but are not ESD compliant. What happens to your product when humidity drops and your ESD packaging is no longer dissipative? Independent testing is valuable information at a nominal cost.

ESD Training may be tailored to your industry and company needs. Training may also include airfare and accommodations for attendees for less than the normal cost of on-site training.

Please take a look around our site and contact us with any questions you might have. We have been providing the best service and equipment in the static control industry since 1994. Our company was founded on the concept of providing outstanding service to our customers.