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    Tape, Molded Hook, 1In X 25Yds - 45050 A

    Tape, Molded Hook - 45050

    Tape, Molded Hook (1"X 75') Flexible hook tape on one sideSecures to carpet Adhesive tape on the other sideSecures to mat Strong adhesivePrevents mats from curling or slipping Tape adheres to substrateEasy to install and remove (but not re-used) Made...

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    Now: $74.06
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    Tape, Double-Sided, Acrylic Adhesive, 2 In X 750 Ft - 45015 A

    Tape, Double-Sided, Acrylic Adhesive - 45015

    Tape, Double-Sided, Acrylic Adhesive  (2" wide X 750" long) Pressure sensitive adhesive with release linerUse on mats that slide around or curl and create a tripping hazard; great choice for securing mats to metal carts and workstation surfaces...

    Was: $160.22
    Now: $152.21
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