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Mini Monitor North America

  • Single Station Continuous Monitor for Operator And ESD Work Surface Continuously monitors the integrity of one operator and ESD workstation, eliminating the need for periodic testing and recording. Ideal for individual workstations for assembly, test, packaging or other applications.
  • NEW Improved Banana Jack Creates a more consistent connection and helps to prevent accidental disconnects with operator's wrist strap.
  • Wave Distortion Technology Provides Real-Time Continuous Monitoring for Operator Path to Ground and Presence of 1 Meg Resistor True continuous monitoring (versus pulsed or intermittent) of wrist strap functionality and operator safety according to accepted industry standards.
  • Park Snap Feature Provides means for operator to disconnect wrist strap cord when normally leaving the workstation without audible (false) alarm sounding.
  • Full Time Dual Status LEDs and Audible Alarm for Operator and Workstation Monitoring. Audible and LED visual alarms activate instantly when a failure occurs alerting user and supervisor of problem, allowing immediate corrective action
  • Miniscule Electrical Current Required to Generate Waveform Monitoring Signal Safe to use with sensitive components and no reported case of skin irritation
  • Includes two 10mm Snaps for Easy to Installation on Work Surface Snap monitor flush on mat with no additional wires needed.
  • Calibration Unit Available for Accurate Performance And Conformity Testing In The Field (See Desco Item 98220)
  • Use with Single-Wire Wrist Straps NIST Calibrated Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  For more information on calibration of Desco products, see Calibration
  • Made in the United States of America This item is made and stocked in Chino, CA


Continuous Monitors pay for themselves improving quality, productivity, eliminating wrist strap daily testing and test result logging. Per ESD-S1.1 paragraph 6.1.3 Frequency of Functional Testing "The wrist strap system should be tested daily to ensure proper electrical value. Daily testing may be omitted if constant monitoring is used. "Per ESD Handbook TR 20.20 paragraph "Typical test programs recommend that wrist straps that are used daily should be tested daily. However, if the products that are being produced are of such value that knowledge of a continuous, reliable ground is needed, and then continuous monitoring should be considered or even required."

Note: Work surface must have a conductive layer such as Dual Layer Rubber or Dissipative 3-Layer Vinyl or Micastat® Dissipative Laminate with conductive buried layers. Desco Continuous Monitors are not recommended for use with homogeneous matting. Use with Desco mats Statfree T2™, Statfree Z2™, Statfree O™, Statfree B2™, and Statfree UC™