Charged Plate Monitor Model - 288B

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Charged Plate Monitor

  • NEW: Auto Ranging to 0.1V resolution below 100V
  • NEW: Compatible with Monroes Optional New 288B Graphing Software
  • Test all types of Ionizers
  • Automated testing reduces ionizer test time and data logging time
  • Adjustable start and stop voltages for decay test accommodate specialized needs
  • Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD display
  • Detachable ion collecting plates can be placed at the work height or placed within process equipment to evaluate ionizers while in use
  • Small ion collecting plates are available to permit measurements in confined spaces
  • LED bar graph shows balance voltage in real time
  • Reset option on manual balance reading allows capture of accurate voltage peaks.

Manufactured to order, 32-34 week lead time. Charge Plate - Monitor - Model 288B.  This model has a reset option on the manual balance setting that allows the capture of accurate voltage peaks after the plate has stabilized. Built in memory buffer holds 1500 lines of data for download to a computer. Constant monitor option allows the unit to take readings every minute, hour, day etc to view ionizer performance over time. The model 288B CPM is the first charged-plate monitor offering on-board data storage to automate ionization system testing. Use the Model 288B to perform the customary manual tests, or program it to perform a series of automated decay and balance tests. Why is the ion balance reading out of specification? Ask us about a simple set up to allow more accurate balance adjustment readings. This setting allows the CPM to be reset after the ionizer balance readings have become stable and this will capture accurate ionization peak balance output readings for your data reports. Soft keys simplify the programming and operation of automated tests. Upload test set-ups and ionizer locations. Download stored test results, including environmental data captured by integral temperature and relative humidity sensors. The Model 288B uses a novel voltage-follower measurement technique to increase stability, bandwidth, and accuracy, making it ideal for testing the most modern critical-balance ionizers.