Wrist Strap/Foot Tester, Monitor Only - PDT800M

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Wrist Strap/Foot Tester, Monitor Only

The PDT 800K is an easy, accurate, and time saving One-Touch digital wrist strap and footwear tester. Simultaneously and independently test both feet and a wrist strap while filtering out human body noise. The results are visible with the digital screen on the tester's face. What makes the PDT 800K unique is the proactive “Near-Fail” indicator that alerts the user that the ESD grounding device under test (wrist strap or heel grounder) is nearing failure levels and should be changed soon if not right away. This helps prevents a worn device "passing" a test and failing in the field. With the digital readout, the user will know excally how worn a device is. This tester fully supports the “Compliance Verification Plan” requirements as stated in the ANSI ESD S20.20