Tester, Combo Wrist Strap And Foot Ground, W/Stand - 19282

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Tester, Combo Wrist Strap And Foot Ground, W/Stand

  • Tests Operator's Path-To-Ground; Wrist Strap limits 750 kilohms to 10 megohms; Footwear limits 750 kilohms to 100 megohms*
    Determines that operator's personal grounding device** is functioning correctly.
  • Separate Test Circuits for Wrist Straps and Foot Grounders
    Rocker switch allows operator to quickly test all personal grounding devices.
  • NEW Durable, Stainless Steel Test Button
    Long lasting; reduces wear and tear
  • 9 Volt Battery Power or Optional 120/220 AC Adapter
    120 Adaptor Item# 98256
    220 Adaptor Item# 98257
  • Optional Footplate or Stand
    Combine tester with footplate or stand to test foot grounders
    Foot Plate Item# 98273
    Stand Item# 98254
  • NIST Calibrated with Certificate Included
    Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information on calibration of Desco products, see Calibration
  • Made in the United States of America
    This item is made and stocked in Chino, CA