Warmbier EFM51.VK Electrostatic Field Meter Verification Kit - 7100.EFM51.VK

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Warmbier EFM51.VK Electrostatic Field Meter Verification Kit

Verification Kit for measuring electrostatic fields and electrostatic charges, as well as the body voltage of a person while performing the walking test. Additionally, the decay time and the offset voltage of ionizers can be measured.

The Warmbier EFM51.VK Verification Kit is a full-featured Static Field Meter Kit that can test static fields, ionizers verification and test the performance of ESD floors in combination with a person per ANSI/ESD STM 97.2. and IEC Standard 61340-4-5. Field Meter The EFM51 measures static voltages within ±20kV (20,000V) with a microcontroller that calculates the field strength (V/m) with a pre-selected distance (1cm, 5cm, 10cm and 20cm). Results are displayed via a 12 digit alphanumeric LCD screen. Two LED guide ring lights help position the field meter at the right distance from a charged test object. Charge Plate System The EFM51.VK can be used to evaluate ESD ionizers efficiency as well as perform static surveys and evaluate charge accumulation in electronic manufacturing and in industrial operations. The meter measures the decay time from +1.000V to +100V or -1.000V to -100V with its integrated start-stop timer. The plate is charged manually via the handheld high voltage generator. Walking Test The electrostatic charge of a person walking on an ESD safe floor with ESD safe footwear can be measured with the EFM51.VK. This test provides measurement data on the actual charge on a person while walking which is used to determine the effectiveness of the floor/footwear grounding system. The EFM51 holds the PEAK value of the measured body voltage, as well as the LIVE static voltage measured on the operator’s body. The EFM51 meets periodic test requirements per Compliance Verification ESD TR53 and conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, S2.1).