SPI Westek Workstation Still Air Ionizer - 94000

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SPI Westek Workstation Still Air Ionizer Without Fan Removes Static Charge from Surfaces in a 12 Inch Area - 120V

  • Effectively removes electro-static charges from small areas.
  • Ionized air will limit the static potentials on un-grounded objects in the work are even in low humidity conditions.
  • Adjustable pulse rate and ion balance allow for effective calibration and optimal performance.
  • Effective ionization range: 12" (305mm)
  • Position unit so that emitter points are directed toward the area to be ionized.
  • Made in the United States of America

Description The Counter SPI Workstation Ionizer SP4001 is designed to remove electro-static charges in a 12 inch sphere around the emitter area. It is has a very simple operation and comes ready to use. The Counter SPI is available in two models: Item 94000 is 120 VAC, and item 94001 is 220 VAC. Replacement emitter pins are available as item 94003. NOTE: If your ionizer was manufactured prior to 2009, use item 94002 as your replacement emitter pins. Contact customer service should you need assistance with determining your ionizer's year of manufacture.

  • Operation The Counter SPI comes completely balanced and ready to use. 1. Place your table top unit on a flat, level surface. 2. Plug the Counter SPI into any 120V AC (220V optional) electrical outlet. 3. Turn on/off switch to ON position.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: 1. Keep effective area clear and free from obstructions of ion flow. (Think of a small cloud of ions that can freely spread) 2. Effective ionization range: 12" (305mm) 3. Position unit so that emitter points are directed towards area to be ionized. REMEMBER: 1. Keep the work area clear of all materials that generate static charges. 2. Use only approved static control grounding methods and material handling equipment. 3. By properly using ionized air, all static potentials in the work area are greatly reduced, even when humidity levels decrease. CAUTION: Care should be exercised during handling to prevent the unit from falling face down. The delicate emitter pins will be damaged or broken if this happens.
  • Maintenance The Counter SPI Workstation Ionizer was designed to be virtually maintenance free. The emitter points can be cleaned when there is a visible accumulation of dirt. Generally this would be twice a year, depending on the cleanliness level of the working environment. 1. Check the emitter points for dirt accumulation. 2. Be sure the unit is unplugged. 3. Wipe emitter point with a swab dampened in isopropyl alcohol. 4. The outside case may be wiped down with a soft damp cloth.
  • Calibration The Counter SPI is factory set to achieve a maximum balanced ion output in standard, non-air assisted applications. To certify calibration, we recommend EOS/ESD association standard "ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014." Complete ESDA Document List EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Link to ESDA and Standards.

Objective: To observe, test and record performance levels of ionization units, utilizing readily available equipment, thereby verifying or certifying calibration.

Equipment Used: Charged Plate Monitor or the smaller Portable CPM


1. Position the Counter SPI 12 inches (305 mm) away from the Charged Plate Analyzer directly facing the unit.

2. With the Counter SPI and the Charged Plate Analyzer on, adjust the balance trim-pot, located on the lower left side of the ionizer. Balance the ionizer to 0 volts on the Charged Plate Analyzer.

Specifications Dimensions 5.0" W x 2.5" L x 5.5" H (127 mm W x 63.5 mm L x 140 mm H) Balance (offset voltage) at 12" in front of Ionizer* ±25 Volts Maximum Neutralization (Discharge) Times at 12" in front of Ionizer* <15 seconds (1000V to 100V - positive and negative voltage) Power Consumption 120 VAC, .04 A, 4.8 W *Factory default settings