Sole Ground | HG6000

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Full Coverage ESD Sole Grounders – Small – 1Meg, Sizes XS-Large

  • Full coverage sole grounders – 20 times the surface contact of heel grounders
  • Wider and more consistent contact area ensures grounding
  • Rapid and complete static dissipation due to constant contact through entire walking motion
  • Longer life than heel grounders
  • Available in XS,S, M and L sizes with one or two meg resistors

The HG6000 series sole grounder from Transforming Technologies provides a more complete path to ground than regular heel or toe grounders due to a wider and more consistent contact area. Available in XS,S, M and L sizes with one or two meg resistors. ESD Sole Grounders (or ESD Foot Grounders) have over 20 times the surface contact of standard esd heel straps. This surface area advantage extends the life of the Sole grounder over a standard heel grounders which fail over time due to even the slightest contamination, necessitating replacement or cleaning, wasting time and costing money.