PGT120.COM ESD Tester - PGT120K210

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PGT120.COM ESD Tester, Data Terminal 2, Footplate with Cables, Keypad, Temp/RH sensor, USB hub and Wall Mount

ESD Testing: The PGT120 tests the operators path-to-ground and indicates that the wrist strap and footwear are functioning properly Data Logging: All operator test activity is logged into a database to meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirement Important Information: Each log entry includes operator identification, test results, resistance measurements, time, temperature and humidity. Employee Identification: Operator identification can be performed by RFID, Barcode or Keypad. The system supports USB equipment so current ID systems may be used. Parts Included: PGT120.COM ESD Tester, Data Terminal 2, Footplate and cables, Keypad, Temp/RH Sensor, USB Hub and Wall Mount