Deluxe Combo Tester & Foot Plate, Stand - Free Standing - GTS900K

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Deluxe Combo Tester & Foot Plate, Stand - Free Standing

The GTS900K Deluxe Dual Combo Tester is a three-state touch tester designed for fast and accurate testing of ESD heel grounders and wrist straps.

The GTS900K incorporates a unique dual test circuit which eliminates the need for separate wrist strap and foot grounder testers which saves money and space. This tester fully supports the “Compliance Verification Plan” requirements as stated in the ANSI ESD S20.20. The GTS900K Deluxe Dual Test Station features a sleek adjustable black frame and molded foot plate. Wires simply slip into the frame and are hidden and kept safe from snagging and interference. With the dual tester, personnel can verify wrist straps and any type of footwear ranging from heel grounders to conductive shoes.