Cord, Coil, Black Banana-Banana 12' - 14113

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Cord, Coil, Black Banana-Banana 12'

  • Relaxed retraction strength black PVC
    • More comfortable; will not interfere with wearer's movements
  • Superior strain relief tests in excess of 1,000,000 cycles, per ESD S1.1 - See Bending Life Test (exceeds by over 62 times the minimum requirement)
    • Eliminates intermittent failures that occur with less durable single and dual wire cords
  • Improved snap design
    • Stronger strain relief and snap retention for long life; low profile keeps cord from being disconnected
  • Banana plugs on both ends of coil cord
    • Allows cart users to ground carts to common grounding point on bench
  • Superior banana plugs with patented* contour supported spring
    • Fits into all standard banana jacks > 0.157" ID Greater retention force; cords won't fall out and put your parts at risk Provides long life, saving money
  • Tensile strength at each end in excess of 30 lbs.
    • Longer lasting cord saves money
  • No Resistor
  • UL listed
    • Independent review of the adequacy of the product's design.
  • Coil cords designed and manufactured at our Chino, CA factory
    • Made in America under our control, ensuring consistent top quality
  • Date coded
    • Lot traceability
  • Made in the United States of America
    • This item is made and stocked in Chino, CA.

*U.S. Patent #5951337

Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 paragraph Wrist Strap Ground Cord, "At first glance, the ground cord appears to be a relatively simple assembly. However, the design requirements are considerable, given the wide range of user applications and the durability requirements of constant tugging, flexing, and dragging over the edge of workstation tops and equipment chassis."

Reliable Path-to-Ground: Are You Wasting the Money Spent on ESD Control? How Many Accidental Disconnects Occur a Day at Your Plant Putting Your Products at Risk? Read the Evaluation Engineering Magazine Article, "Solving the Wristband Snap Release Problem"
*Reproduced with Permission,
EE-Evaluation Engineering, June, 2001