Cleanroom BOPP Tape | High Adhesion -1225

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Cleanroom BOPP Tape | High Adhesion | 2 Mils Thick X 165′ Long | Pack*

UltraTape 1225 is a clear BOPP cleanroom tape with high adhesion acrylic adhesive designed for cleanroom packaging and in-process use where residue is not a concern. Examples of intended use are removal of protective films, package and bag sealing. Thin backing and low stretch make it ideal for automated equipment and dispensers.

UltraTape is cleanroom certified (UltraClean and Classic Clean packaging available).

*This is a made to order item in Pack Quantities ONLY and a 25 Day Lead time

Backing BOPP
Adhesive Acrylic
Total Thickness 2 mil
Adhesion to Steel 180 degree Peel 22 oz/inch
Operating Temp 32 to 140° F
Elongation at Break NA
Tensile Strength 20 lbs/in
Length 55 yds
Available Colors Clear

Clean Packaging options for UltraTape
UltraClean: UltraClean offers products that are inspected and individually wrapped in cleanroom polyethylene bags and offers the highest level of cleanliness available for today’s critical environments. UltraClean meets requirements for Class 1 to 1,000 (ISO Class 3-6) cleanrooms.

UltraClean comes packaged in multi-roll packs depending on size  .5"(24), .75"(24), 1"(18), 2"(15), 3"(12)

Classic Clean: Classic Clean offers cleanroom packaging and is ideal for keeping products safe from environmental contamination prior to use. Classic Clean meets requirements for Class 10,000 to 100,000 (ISO Class 7-8) cleanrooms.

Storage: Material should be stored at 70 degrees Farenheit and 50% relative humidity

Installation: To achieve best result, surface must be clean, dry, and free of foreign material, dust, and oil. Apply firm, sustained pressure to obtain optimal adhesion.

Values provided should not be used for specification purposes. Each user should perform their own tests in the actual intended application and environment to determine suitability and assumes all risks and liabilities connected with using this product.

165 ft,
2 mils,