Wristband, Jewel, Elastic - 19691

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Wristband, Jewel, Elastic

  • Patented (US patents 6,052,053 and 6,205,408) Dual Wire Coil Cord provides redundancy
    Even if one conductor is severed,, operator has reliable path-to-ground with other wire
  • Use with resistive loop technology continuous monitor
    Continuously verifies the proper resistance to ground of the operator
  • Custom manufactured right angle mono-plug
    Reduces chance of accidental disconnects, providing more secure ground connection
  • Coil cord with molded 1 Megohm current limiting resistor on both ground paths
    Protects user from shock due to inadvertent contact with line voltage
  • 28 gauge wire
  • 3.5mm phono plug connector
  • Superior resistor connection strain relief
    Superior reliability. Greatly exceeds ESD S1.1 Bending Life Test. Tested at over 200,000 cycles vs. the 16,000 requirement
  • Single (Snap-One™) snap head
    Allows operators to quickly and easily attach and detach the cord from the wristband
  • Park-it feature on Snap-One™
    Provides convenient park station for cord when not in use. Simply insert phono plug into hole to allow for hanging cord at workbench
  • Superior warranty
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Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 paragraph Wrist Strap Ground Cord, "At first glance, the ground cord appears to be a relatively simple assembly. However, the design requirements are considerable, given the wide range of user applications and the durability requirements of constant tugging, flexing, and dragging over the edge of workstation tops and equipment chassis."