Staticmaster® Self Powered Alpha Ionizer - 1U400

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Staticmaster® 1U400 Self Powered Alpha Ionizer - 1 Inch - 500 uCi

Model 1U400 Specifications

  • ISOTOPE: Polonium-210
  • MATERIAL: Stainless steel housing, aluminum grid
  • EMISSION: Alpha
  • ACTIVITY: 500 µCi
  • Weight: 0.4 oz. (11.3g)
  • OPTIMUM RANGE: 0.5″ to 1.5″


Installation inside equipment, narrow webs, small trimming jobs, analytical scale and precision weighing, semiconductor, microscopy, microtome sectioning, DNA process. Any handling of small items that will be adversely affected by static charge.

Staticmaster® 1U400 Ionizing Cartridge. Similar to the 2U500 and with a square configuration, the 1U400 has the same static eliminating potential in the smallest configuration we offer, measuring only 1.02″ x .93″ x .24″ thick. Please feel free to contact us about the unique applications of the 1U400

Staticmaster® Ionizing Cartridges are the only self-powered static eliminators available today. Their small profile makes them an ideal solution for in-balance static elimination. They eliminate the problem of “fly-away” powders and inaccurate measurements in analytical and precision weighing applications as well as semiconductor, In-Tool, glovebox and forensic environments.

These ionizing cartridges utilizing NRD’s proven alpha ionizing technology can be easily mounted within a balance chamber, assuring quick and accurate measurements. They offer “zero-volts balance” technology, which means that they can effectively remove all of the static charge present in your media and samples, ensuring accurate weighing. Staticmaster Ionizing Cartridges are available in four variations including, Model 2U500, Model 1U400, Model 1U200 and Model 1U200S

Each Ionizing Cartridge offers optional accessory, Model 5060 Grounding Kit, to provide a faster static elimination time for your process. Extensive testing has shown that adding the Grounding Kit to the alpha ionizer can significantly increase the performance of these advanced static eliminator solutions.