SmartLog Pro with Proximity and Barcode Readers - 50780

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SmartLog Pro, with Proximity and Barcode Readers

  • Tests the Operator’s Path-to-Ground
    Determines if the operator’s personal grounding devices are functioning correctly
  • Electronic Data Acquisition
    Creates test record database for auditing and quality control
  • Operator Identification
    Tests operators based on assigned test requirements
  • Normally Open and Normally Closed Relay Terminals
    Pairs with a turnstile, automatic door or other locking system to control access to ESD Protected Areas (EPA's)
  • Simultaneous Testing in Less Than 2 Seconds
    Reduces time spent testing personal grounding devices used in ESD Control Plans
  • Stand-Alone Operation
    Operators can continue performing tests even in the event of a network failure
  • Embedded CCD Barcode Scanner
    Reads code 39 and 128 by default
  • Split Foot Plate for Testing Foot Grounders (or Shoes)
    Tests both foot grounders independently at the same time
  • NIST Calibrated with Certificate Included
    Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

New Features

  • 5 Inch Color Touchscreen Display
    Intuitive user interface for easy test operation
  • Records Resistance Measurements, Temperature and Relative Humidity
    Tracks the performance of ESD wrist straps and footwear
  • Software Programmable Test Limits
    Use to meet the testing requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 or other standards
  • Embedded HID OMNIKEY® Proximity Reader
    Compatible with the following badge formats:
    • HID Prox
    • Indala Prox
    • MIFARE Classic
    • MIFARE DESFire EV1
    • iCLASS

TEAM5 Software

TEAM5 is the most powerful and accurate ESD Test Acquisition Software on the market. When used with the SmartLog Pro, TEAM5 allows manufacturers and assemblers to automate the collection of ESD testing. TEAM5 Software is not included with the SmartLog Pro and must be purchased separately.

U.S. Patents 6,809,522

"Compliance verification should be performed prior to each use (daily, shift change, etc.). The accumulation of insulative materials may increase the foot grounder system resistance. If foot grounders are worn outside the ESD protected area testing for functionality before reentry to the ESD protected area should be considered." (ESD SP9.2 APPENDIX B - Foot Grounder Usage Guidance)

"Compliance verification records shall be established and maintained to provide evidence of conformity to the technical requirements. The test equipment selected shall be capable of making the measurements defined in the Compliance Verification Plan." (ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 section 7.4 Compliance Verification Plan)