IDP-STAT® Permanently Dissipative Cleanroom Matting ( 4'x6') - MT554860

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IDP-STAT® Permanently Dissipative Cleanroom Matting (4'x6')

Protect your sensitive items with this ultra-clean, particle-free, permanently static dissipative cleanroom ESD matting. The IDP-STAT 5500 series utilizes a patented inherently static dissipative polymer alloy system to provide clean, permanent ESD protection.

The IDP-STAT 5500 series provides consistent static dissipation that is not dependent on humidity and will last the life of the mat. The 5500 series ESD control mats are ultra-clean: Non-outgassing, non-blooming Contains no particulates, plasticizers or phthalates Permanently anti-static With minimal cleaning requirements, the IDP-STAT material is ideal for cleanroom settings. Engineered with superior durability and see-through clarity, the IDP-STAT 5500 is an ideal material for softwall panels to separate working areas in controlled environments such as cleanrooms and data centers. Applications: Ideal for use in controlled environments such as cleanrooms. Creates an ultra-clean ESD safe work area by grounding for electrical charges as well as protecting the work surface from damage.