Wriststrap To Elastic Adjustable (Wrist Strap-1020 Included) - SP-102

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Wriststrap To Elastic Adjustable, 4 mm Snap, No CordEarth Ground Checker And Jack To Ground Wrist Straps (Wrist Strap-1020 Included) 

  • Easy to plug in a banana plug terminated wriststrap
  • Tough impact: resistant high polymer is ultrasonically welded for added protection
  • Hard ground to an electrical system drains charges from the wearer
  • Provides proper grounding and prevents new charges from accumulating on wearer
  • Makes receptacles/workers/field service kits grounded properly
  • High visible LED indicator lights provide visual proof of correct ground or any common ground faults
  • Indicator lamps have wrap-around lens covers for high visibility at all angles
  • Checks the wiring faults on 3 wire, 120v circuits

Visual LED confirmation that your wrist strap is connected to earth ground.  Wrist strap is included - Simple to use kit for your static safe field or bench work. The SP-102 can ground a person wearing an ESD wrist strap and also analyzes the grounding correctness of a single operator and wrist strap through a 3 prong, 120V power receptacle.

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SP-102 - with WS-1020 wriststrap