Combo Static Field Meter - Ionizer Tester Kit - FM-1126

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Combo Static Fieldmeter - Ionizer Tester Kit

  • With an ionizer probe attachment for easy testing of ionizer output
  • Indicates voltage and polarity
  • Digital display is updated every three seconds
  • Non-contact
  • Power on/hold and zero buttons
  • Easy to read 3.5" LCD display - back lit for light or dark areas
  • Range: 0-1,490V (1.49kV) (low range) 1-20,000V (20kV) (high range)
  • 1" spacer LED focus ring indicator
  • 9v battery
  • Leather case included
  • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
  • Checks for class zero conformance

ESD Field Meter kit to test static charge strength, field polarity, and balance of ionization. FM-1126 - Digital ESD Field Meter and Ionizer Test Plate. ESD Field Meter kit to test static charge strength, field polarity, and balance of ionization. The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat ESD Field Meter is a palm sized electrostatic measuring device ideal for testing static charges/voltages, polarities and even the ion balance of ESD ionizers. The FM-1126 is robust, lightweight and compact making it ideal for the periodic verification of the static control processes used in your facility.

Locate the Static Charge and Neutralize it. Use this device to isolate the PERFECT placement of an ESD ionizer on a static laden assembly. Test the accumulated voltage of a conveyer belt and find out where the static starts and where to focus your efforts. Test the accumulated charge on a technician. Now GROUND the person and the charge drops to ZERO. This easy to comprehend tool is invaluable for any ESD program. The tool is CE, RoHS and S20.20 Compliant. A Calibration certificate is included with each meter. The multifunctional Ohm-Stat FM-1126 static field meter incorporates a powerful static hardened microprocessor, an ion balance plate, grounding cable and a soft shell case.