Why Choose The: Transforming Technologies Textured Rubber Table Mat?

Why Choose The: Transforming Technologies Textured Rubber Table Mat?

Posted by Bailey Boaz on Mar 21st 2022

  • Textured, Non-Slip 2 Layer Rubber
  • ESD Properties: 10^6-10^8 Rtt
  • Excellent Resistance to Hold Solders, Soldering Irons and Most Solvents
  • Available in 40ft rolls or an Assortment of Ready Made Table Mats.
  • Nasa Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Gray 

Electro-Static Discharge can very easily completely destroy delicate electronic parts, or ignite flammable chemicals. To ensure the safety of you, your employees, your work, and your work environment, combatting ESD is key. With static able to build up just from the movement of the human body, someone hard at work at their station could produce a dangerous discharge. To that purpose, having an anti-static surface to work on can be an effective method of protection.

A Transforming Technologies Textured Rubber Table Mat provides simple ESD protection. Whether as a soldering station, or as a desk mat, their dual layered technology will greatly protect your equipment. With one layer of dissipative rubber, and one layer of conductive rubber, any static charge will be drawn into the grounded table mat instead of your expensive electronics. Meeting or exceeding requirements of ANSI ESD S541-2003, this mat will be perfect for your workplace.

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