Why Choose The: Desco Banana Jack Outlet Plug Adapter!

Why Choose The: Desco Banana Jack Outlet Plug Adapter!

Posted by Bailey Boaz on May 5th 2022

  • Universal Ground Connection
  • Long Service Life
  • Perfect for all working environments
  • Cost effective

Electro-Static Discharge can very easily completely destroy delicate electronic parts, or ignite flammable chemicals. To ensure the safety of you, your employees, your work, and your work environment, combatting ESD is key. With static able to build up just from the movement of the human body, someone hard at work at their station could produce a dangerous discharge. To that purpose, its vital to ensure workers are properly grounded, and the Desco Banana Jack Outlet Plug Adapter is a great tool for the grounding process.

By converting a standard three-prong outlet into a universal ground connection point, many varieties of grounding accessories can easily ensure they are fully grounded, from grounding wrist straps to grounding mats to shoe grounders. It's size ensures it fits all Edison three wire USA wall multiple plugs. With this level of versatility, ensuring your workstation is ESD safe is much easier.

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