Warning Tape "Caution Static Sensitive Area" Print - AT-4054

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AT-4054 - Warning Tape | Floor, Aisle, Equipment | ESD Sensitive Symbol | "Caution Static Sensitive Area" Print | 3" Wide x 108' Long (1 Roll)

  • Bright, easy to see color
  • Warns employees and visitors of an ESD sensitive area
  • Powerful, durable adhesion to concrete paint, ESD floor finish, epoxy, or tiles
  • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
  • Made in the USA

AT-4054 Aisle Warning Tape is high visibility floor, wall or equipment marking tape with a high strength adhesive that will stand up to high traffic wear and tear. This tape is bright yellow with the international static sensitive symbol and bold black print (CAUTION STATIC SENSITIVE AREA). It will effectively warn employees and visitors that they are entering or accessing an ESD sensitive area. AT-4054 self-adhesive aisle warning tape, bright yellow, black ESD warning symbol,  “Caution Static Sensitive Area” black print