Staticmaster® Alpha Ionizing Device -1U200

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Staticmaster® 1U200 – Alpha Ionizing Device | 1" - Size - 0.25 mCi (250 uCi)

Model 1U200 Specifications

  • ISOTOPE: Polonium-210
  • MATERIAL: Stainless steel housing, aluminum grid
  • EMISSION: Alpha
  • ACTIVITY: 250 µCi
  • Weight: 0.4 oz. (11.3g)
  • OPTIMUM RANGE: 0.5" to 1.5"

Ionizing unit, 1" x 1", 0.25 mCi Staticmaster® 1U200 Ionizing Cartridge. Similar to the 2U500 and with a square configuration, the 1U200 has the same static eliminating potential in the smallest configuration we offer, measuring only 1.02" x .93" x .24" thick. An exclusive StaticTek option, please feel free to contact us about the unique applications of the 1U200. So small as to fall below minimum requirements for regulation, this unique unit may be used without the strict requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations and OSHA regulations (29 CFR 1910.1096) that cover the use of ionizing radiation in general industry. Even without needing to meet this requirement, since you become a General Licensee by receiving our devices, you shall be deemed to be in compliance with the OSHA requirements with regard to the use of our nuclear static eliminator, provided that you use them in accordance with the instruction sheets provided to you with these devices. Often used in accurate laboratory scale weighing operations, this static removal tool can be used at microscope or in tool process to solve static control in small areas. A self-powered static eliminator with optional pulsed Alphaboost Power Supply to extend coverage of over 10 times the normal 3cm distance. When used in laminar airflow the distance is extended to 24 inches or more. Its small profile makes it an ideal solution for in-balance ionization, and it is inherently balanced to zero volts – which helps ensure thorough static removal for accurate weighs every time.

By choosing the 1U200 ionization source for you Alphaboost configuration, you will save annual cost for replacement and due to the micro size, eliminate the regulation oversight normally associated with nuclear devices. United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission § 30.15 Exemption (2)(i) Static elimination devices which contain, as a sealed source or sources, byproduct material consisting of a total of not more than 18.5 MBq (500 µCi) of polonium-210 per device.

Note on Ion Source

All NRD ion sources are encapsulated in precious metals by means of a patented process. This results in a static eliminator which resists oxidation, solvents, heat, cold and vibration. To maintain peak performance and conform to government regulations, (with exception to the 1U200, 1U200S, 1U400 and 2U500) ionizers are available on a one-year lease. All alpha ionizers should be returned to NRD when no longer needed.