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ESD Floor Warning Aisle Tape 3 In X 54 Ft


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Vibrant color for clear visual designation of your ESD Safe Area Boundary and for floor aisle marking in the Static Controlled Area. 3 inch x 54 feet.
  • Scuff-resistant laminated vinyl plastic material
    Tough, durable ESD Area Floor Warning Tape.
  • Quick-stick adhesive
    Self wound tape on roll for easy application. Quickly outline the floor.
  • Bright yellow color with black contrast
    Excellent for clear marking of the Static Controlled Area aisles and visual designation of the ESD Safe Area.
  • Made in The United States of America
    This floor marking tape item no 81800 is made and stocked in Canton, MA

Meets requirement as per ANSI/ESD20.20, caution signs indicating the existence of the ESD Protected Area shall be posted and clearly visible to personnel prior to entry to the ESD Protected Area.

Description: ESD Warning Aisle Marking Tape is a tough, scuff resistant vinyl plastic material combined with easy-stick adhesive. The bright yellow color makes this product excellent for aisle marking and ESD STATIC SENSITIVE AREA designation. The standard 3″ core is suitable for most all floor marking tape applicators. Properties: Appearance: Bright yellow vinyl, large black letters Width: 3″ Length: 54′, also available in 108′ and 216′ options.

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