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Resistivity Meter Portable Surface Model 264A


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Resistivity Meter - Portable - Surface - model 264A


Repair Kit for Model 264A - 264A/22K

Repair Kit for Model 264A


The model 264A is ideal for those who need to make qualitative measurements at the most affordable price.

The 264A is a portable, battery-operated survey instrument for evaluating the resistive properties of static control products such as static dissipative packaging, flooring, or work surfaces over the range of 105 to 1012 ohms or ohms per square. Model 264A uses a parallel electrode configuration conforming to ASTM D-257. A test lead is included for resistance-to-ground measurements.Model 264A is convenient and easy to use. Simply place the 264A directly on the item to be measured. An easy-to-read LED decade display quickly and clearly indicates the resistivity or resistance range.

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