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Miniature Probe for Surface Resistivity Meter – MP-1235


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The MP-1235 optional miniature probe is used with a Standard Resistivity Tester to test the electrical properties of small objects.


This optional miniature probe is used with the Ohm-Stat RT-500 Standard Resistivity Tester or Ohm-Stat RT-1000 Standard Resistivity Tester. It accurately measures surface resistivity and conforms to the EOS/ESD 11.11 specifications.

The MP-1235 replaces our older miniature probe the MP-1234 with a newly designed unit.


  • Has 2 standard 4mm female banana jacks to connect to any high quality resistance/resistivity meters like the RT-1000 and the RT-500 resistivity meters.
  • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
  • Conforms to all EOS and CE test procedures
  • Made in the USA

What’s Included:

  • Probe



  • L: 1.5″
  • W: 0.9375″
  • H: 1.0″


  • L: 0.375″
  • W: 0.375″
  • H: 0.125″
  • Standard 4mm banana jack connections.

Operating Directions

  1. Attach the two RT-1000 external wires banana plugs into the miniature banana jacks.
  2. Insert the 3.5 mm monaural jacks into the external jacks on the right hand side of the Ohm-Stat RT-1000 meter.
  3. Do not allow the wires to touch if possible, especially at high resistance.
  4. Hold the brass probes perpendicular on the surface.
  5. Press the power button and hold until the reading appears on the meter.
  6. Record reading in ohms. Record temperature and humidity.
  7. Clean the bottom of the probes with clean water or water/alcohol mixture. Do not use strong solvents.
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