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Cord, Ground, Stacking Snap, With Resistor, 10′ – 13268


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Cord, Ground, Stacking Snap, With Resistor, 10'
  • Guarantees having the right cord when needed
  • Ground cord for mats and surfaces
  • Stacking snap allows it to be used as a common point ground
  • Fits either stud or socket on mat
  • Terminated with a #10 (0.200″) ring terminal
  • Built-in one megohm resistor
  • Made in the United States of America

These items are primarily used for bench mats and shelving. They can also be used to ground floor mats. To plug in and ground wrist straps, please see our Common Point Ground Cords.

Per ESD 6.1 “Provisions may be made to include a resistor where it may be required for a purpose other than ESD.”
ESD Handbook TR 20.20 paragraph 5.1.3 Basic Grounding Requirements “The first step in ensuring that everything in an EPA is at the same electrical potential is to ground all conductive components of the work area (worksurfaces, people, equipment, etc.) to the same electrical ground point. This point is called the common point ground. The next step in completing the ground circuit is to connect the common point ground to the equipment ground (third wire, green)”
One Megohm resistor is required in wrist straps, however, the recommended practice is hard ground per ANSI/EOS/ESD S6.1 that is no resistor between the common point ground terminal and a worksurface floor mat, or shelving. Per ANSI/ESD S20.20 Table 1 Grounding System Technical Requirement, the Recommended Range is less than 1 ohm AC impedance.

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