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Accessory Charge Plate System for Model 282


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Optional Charge Plate System - model 282CPS for the Monroe Electronics Model 282 fieldmeter. Used for testing of ionizers.

Accessory Plate Attachment and Charger Kit only. Increase the utility of your Monroe Electronics Model 282 Electrostatic Fieldmeter by adding the 282CPS.

The Charge Plate System, model 282CPS is an accessory for the model 282 Fieldmeter that permits the model 282 to measure ionizer performance. The 282CPS includes a charge plate attachment for the fieldmeter and a charging source to charge the plate attachment. The fieldmeter then measures the plate voltage during balance and decay tests.

  • Lowest-cost test method for periodic verification of ionizers
  • Correlates closely to charged-plate monitor test results
  • Performs both positive and negative decay tests
  • Also works with Model 281

The fast, easy, low cost way to check air ionizer performance. The Model 282CPS makes it practical to check your ionizers every shift. This system is an option for the Monroe Electronics Model 282 fieldmeter. So you get the accuracy and convenience you can depend on at a price you can’t pass up.

Easy to use – Now it’s simple to make sure any ionizer is doing its job.

Go/no-­go check:

1. While away from any ionized airflow, turn the Model 282 fieldmeter on and check “zero” reading.
2. Slide the plate assembly onto the Model 282 fieldmeter. 3. Select charger polarity by grounding the opposite terminal. (Ground “­” to select “+”).
4. To charge the plate adapter, place it in contact with the appropriate charger terminal.
5. Position the fieldmeter with the plate adapter in the ionizer airflow. The meter should rapidly drop from 1100 V to zero.

Note: All tests should be performed while wearing a wrist strap to ensure a proper ground.

Decay rate check Follow the steps above, but connect the fieldmeter to chart recorder, or use a stopwatch to measure the time required for the voltage to decay from ±1.00kV to ±0.10kV.

Balance check Turn on the fieldmeter with the plate adapter attached. Point it into the ionizer airflow, check for an average reading of zero. An offset reading indicates an unbalanced ionizer.

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