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AlphaBoost – Nuclespot Alpha Pulse Head – AB-TH


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AB-TH – Ionizing Pulse Head Holds the Alpha Source (5mCi) or the much smaller and 1U400 (500uCi) and delivers the deflection voltages needed to direct the ions to the target. The AlphaBoost Ionizing Pulse Head comes with 36″ standard feed cable and coax connector. Designed for daisy chain connectivity. For interconnecting cables, please specify the length required.

Why Corona Ionizers Are So Sensitive To Their Environment

Configure your layout as needed. Consider distance, airflow and spacing, for 12-30 inch from Ionizer Head to target in normal 70fpm airflow, space the heads 16-24 inches apart. For greater distance and lower airflow the location of the heads may need to be established based on performance data taken at each target test point.

  • Cable type: RG-58/U
  • Connector type: MHV
  • You may order the cable and connectors for a custom installation.

By choosing the 1U400 ionization source for you Alphaboost configuration, you will save annual cost for replacement and due to the micro size, eliminate the regulation oversight normally associated with nuclear devices. By the end of 12 months the device has decayed to approximately 15% of the original alpha source and will have far less radiation than a smoke detector or other small device.

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission ? 30.15 Exemption (2)(i) Static elimination devices which contain, as a sealed source or sources, byproduct material consisting of a total of not more than 18.5 MBq (500 ?Ci) of polonium-210 per device.

Note on Ion Source

All NRD ion sources are encapsulated in precious metals by means of a patented process. This results in a static eliminator which resists oxidation, solvents, heat, cold and vibration. To maintain peak performance and conform to government regulations, (with exception to the 1U400 and 2U500) ionizers are available on a one-year lease.

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