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AlphaBoost – Boost Controller – AB-TC


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This provides the deflection voltages required to move the ions towards the target requiring ESD protection. Each Boost Controller can drives up to 5 Alpha Sources. An advanced watchdog alarm circuit assures consistent performance.

Alpha Nuclespot Source or 1U400 Source and Alpha Ionizing Head each sold separately.

Engage dipswitches to add more cycle time and higher voltage to achieve the ideal output for your application.

Introducing AlphaBoost

AlphaBoost represents the first departure from conventional ionizer technology in the last 25 years. Rather than making gas ions using the corona effect, AlphaBoost uses Alpha energy to create massive numbers of ions combined with a modest deflection voltage to moves the ions toward the product being protected.

Every FAB uses ionizers to neutralize damaging electrostatic charge. A well documented drawback of the common corona ionizer is the accumulation of contaminants at the emitter tips. These contaminating “fuzzballs” are often yield killers and they eventually render the ionizers ineffective. Neglect the periodic cleaning, and your ionizer investment is not only ineffective for discharge, but also a source of contamination.

Corona ionizers attract AMCs and convert them to white dendrites that choke off the corona process and drive the ionizers out of balance. This requires that the corona ionizer be taken off line, cleaned, and rebalanced.

Why Corona Ionizers Are So Sensitive To Their Environment

Summary of Benefits:

  • Does not accumulate AMC
  • Does not have emitter points to erode
  • Does not generate nano particles
  • Does not require adjustments
  • Maintain it only once for an entire year

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