Premium Digital Megohmmeter Kit - ACL880

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Premium Digital Megohmmeter Kit w/Case

ACL's most accurate resistance meter, the 880 digital high-precision resistance auditing kit measures results in actual values rather than logarithmic scale.

  • Includes two 5lb test probes and connection cables
  • Measurement range for <10 volt variable: 10e3 - 9.9 x 10e3 ohms
  • Measurement range for 10 volt ± 0.5 volts: 1.0x10e4 - 9.9 x 10e5 ohms
  • Measurement range for 100 volt ± <5 volts: 1.0x10e6 - 9.9x10e12 ohms
  • Accuracy for 10e3 - 10e10 ohms: < ± 2%
  • Accuracy for 10e11 - 10e12 ohms: < ± 10%
  • Made in USA
  • Includes calibration certificate traceable to NIST

The kit is ideal for measuring point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) resistance tests in electrostatic protected areas. The ACL 880 Digital Megohmmeter is a highly accurate and dependable audit kit that is designed to test static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistance according to industry standards including ANSI/ESD STM4.1 and STM7.1. Point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) tests are easy to perform with the calibrated 5-pound powder-coated electrodes.