Personal Grounding Combo Tester, USB Version- ACL750USB

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Combo Tester Kit - includes tester, PC software, footplate, and heavy duty stand

  • Simultaneous testing for wrist and feet
  • Adjustable limits from 500k and 750k for low setting and 2M to 100M ohms high setting
  • Optional circuit relay for security doors
  • Optional card readers available
  • Multiple units can be networked via company LAN for data compiling
  • Compatible with latest Windows based software
  • Auto-generate reports and email them to supervisors
  • Includes calibration certificate traceable to NIST

The 750USB Combo Tester can measure wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously while sending actual resistance values to a PC for data storage and reporting. The ACL 750USB Combo Tester measures electrical resistance of personal grounding wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and individually. When the software is used, test values are stored on a PC which allows monitoring and reporting which allows a company's static control program to remain compliant to ESDA S20.20.

  • Connect tester to PC using USB cable
  • Made in USA.