Staticmaster Industrial Pistol Grip Ionizing Air Gun - P-2021-8201

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Staticmaster® General Purpose Industrial Ionizing Gun with Pistol Style Grip. Best for applications where comfort and avoiding hand fatigue are important.

  • Kit includes the ST1 pistol grip gun handle/body, a brass OSHA-compliant tip and ionizing cartridge cell P-2021-8001.
  • The replacement ionizing cell cartridge comes with a replacement brass gun tip pre-installed. Simply unscrew the spent ionizer cartridge and screw in the replacement cartridge assembly.

This is a high quality pistol grip gun ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial applications. The pistol grip gun is less likely to cause hand fatigue for applications that are repetitive. It's intended for use with clean, dry compressed air or other inert gases such as Nitrogen or Argon.