Nylon Body Clean Room Ionizing Gun Kit - P-2021-5432

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This Clean Room Ionizing Gun with a Nylon Handle is ideal for cleanrooms and critical environment applications.

This self powered ionizing air blow off gun is ideal for clean room applications. It utilizes a 0.5 micron filter and 316 electropolished stainless steel ionizing cartridge and tip.

The Staticmaster P-2021-5942 Clean Room Ionizing Gun Kit features an ergonomic design and rugged construction. It is ideal for use with circuit boards and sensitive electronic component because it is self-powered and will not generate sparks. The kit includes SA4 white PK1 nylon handle, P-2021-5002 ionizing cartridge, 0.5 micron filter and electropolished stainless steel OSHA-compliant tip.

The replacement P-2021-5002 ionizing cartridge with a polished stainless steel body and pre-installed polished stainless steel tip comes ready to screw onto the gun body. P-2021-5002 ionizing cartridge is used for the P-2021-5492 and P-2021-5432 Ionizing Clean Room Guns.