Staticmaster® Alpha Ionizer - P-2021-2000

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P-2021 Staticmaster® Alpha Ionizer

  • Nuclecel™ ionizer,
  • 316 stainless housing
  • Clean room packaged
  • 1/8"-27 NPSM threads
  • 10 mCi activity

The Model P-2021 is a simple, reliable, efficient and effective means of eliminating static in a variety of industries, including electronics, optics, graphics and finishing. Easy to install on any clean, dry compressed air or inert gas line, the P-2021 emits a powerful stream of ions to quickly neutralize electrostatic charges. By design, the P-2021 never goes out of balance, so it does not require periodic calibration. In addition, it requires no electrical power to operate, so it's intrinsically safe for use in flammable or explosive environments.