ESD Honeycomb Curtains - Full Rolls - ESDC1003C

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ESD Honeycomb Curtains - Full Rolls

Anti-Static and ESD curtains are a great way to separate critical workspaces while also attending to the static-sensitive nature of certain products. Transparent PVC ESD curtains are an ideal barrier wall for sensitive environments. Honeycomb grids are installed on both sides of the PVC curtain for safe dissipation of static electricity. These Antistatic Curtains are critical for applications where any electrical discharge could pose damage to critical components or explosion risk such as electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, printing, painting. The ESD curtains also have a great draping ability so that they can be used as a protective covering for carts, instruments, or entire walls. The PVC material is very flexible and easy to cut for your specific application. Sold in 4ft wide rolls.