ACL Staticide Static Sentry - 2006

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ACL Staticide Static Sentry 12 oz Aerosol Can (Case of 12)

Staticide® Static Sentry a topical anti-stat packaged in a convenient aerosol can for static control and easy application.

  • Decays static charges in under 2 seconds
  • Safe to use on plastic and fabrics
  • Ozone safe
  • Humidity independent
  • REACH and RoHS compliant

Staticide® Static Sentry provides maximum static control. Prevent computer system errors, dust attraction, and static charges on garments and upholstery by decaying static and eliminating static attraction. Staticide® Static Sentry can be used on a variety of surfaces including carpeting, laminate flooring, tote boxes, electronic housing, and plastics. It is safe to use in manufacturing facilities for static control on smocks, carrying trays, and protective packaging.