Staticmaster® Ionmaster® - 4067

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Staticmaster® Ionmaster®


The Ionmaster® model 4067 is a small platform ionizing blower that utilizes our proprietary alpha ionizing technology to provide a continually balanced output down to zero volts. When used in combination with the model P-2062* ionizing cartridge, the model 4067 is ideally suited for bench-top electronics repair and assembly. Our proprietary alpha ionizing technology eliminates the need for constant recalibration and emitter pin maintenance normally associated with other types of ionizing technologies. The model 4067 ionizing blower incorporates our new "Quick Change" ionizer design as well as a High/Low fan selector. In addition, the model 4067 Ionizing Blower can be used with the model ARM-002 Articulated Arm for maximum positioning flexibility.

Ionmaster® 4" dia. Fan. Used with P-2062 Ionizer, sold separately.