Staticmaster® Alpha Ionizer -2U500

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Staticmaster® Alpha Ionizer -2U500

  • No power needed for this ionizer.
  • Attach inside enclosures and close to the area needing static control.
  • No adjustment, calibration or maintenance required.
  • Replace annually. Connect to ground for best results.

When weighing fine powders and fibers, the balance chamber must maintain a stable static free environment to assure accurate results. The problem of “fly-away” powders and inaccurate weighing is eliminated with the 2U500 microbalance ionizer because it utilizes proven alpha ionizing technology. These devices can be easily mounted within the balance chamber, assuring quick and accurate measurements.

Coupled with the Alphaboost and AlphaAnalytical Pulse Plate, this source may be used for many clean applications to eliminate static charges at a greater distance within enclosures like N2 chamber, glove box, microscope or laboratory scale.